Jonothan Lethbridge

(General Committee Member)

I started studying a Bachelor of Education and swiftly noticed that even the lecturers were disenfranchised with the curriculum choices of both the federal and state governments, and often talk about how to reform or chaneg them. So I began to investigate some alternatives and found myself studying a Diploma of Liberal Arts, nested in the BA in the Liberal Arts at Campion College Australia. Making connections with people who are similarly interested in Liberal Arts and Classical education has continued to deepen my interest and heighten my desire to explore what classical education could look like in Australia. I hope that in service of AECS I will be able to spread the good news of Classical education to reintroduce the good, true and beautiful to education.

In the future, after finishing my BEd, I am considering writing an honours thesis on the topic of Classical education within state education. This may then lead to PhD study on a similar topic. I can't wait to see what ACES can do with the support of many over the coming years.