Kenneth 'Difff' Crowther

(General Committee Member)

Kenneth 'Difff' Crowther is a consultant working in education and operational strategy. He worked in secondary education for thirteen years, teaching Literature, Philosophy and Media, and holding positions including Head of Secondary and Head of Liberal Arts Implementation. He now splits his time between working with schools focussed on classical liberal education, and being the Head of Operations at Why Bravo, a technology start-up company. He holds two masters degrees and is currently a PhD student with a research interest in Early Modern literature and culture. He lives on a small off-grid farm with his wife and four young daughters. In whatever time he has left he hosts three podcasts: Educating Humans, about classical education; The Pursuit of Love, a business, psychology and philosophy podcast with the founders of Why Bravo; and Chiron, a podcast about the history of ideas and how they’ve shaped our world today.