Today ACES held its second online AGM. So much has been achieved in the last 12 months. Here are just a few of our achievements:

  1. Created a logo.
  2. Established a website.
  3. In conjunction with the CiRCE Institute organised our first online conference which saw over 100 Australians attend.
  4. Published our monthly online newsletter.
  5. Increased our membership from 100 to almost 400 and is still climbing.
  6. I spoke at the annual HEA online conference.
  7. Participated as guest speakers at the Classical Education seminar held in Melbourne during September.
  8. Participated in the Paideia Pedagogy Certification Course with Dr Robert Woods from Kepler Education.
  9. Participated in the monthly Paideia Reading Bookclub sessions with Jennifer Ruth Dow.
  10. Participated in the online Book Club sessions led by Sarah Flynn founder of Logos Australis.
  11. Created promotional family pamphlets about Classical Education.
  12. Created an Instagram and LinkedIn account.
  13. Organised an online mini conference with Beautiful Teaching founder Adrienne Freas and her team.
  14. Held over 40 Zoom meetings with people all over the world.
  15. Participated in the podcast channel Educating Humans with Difff Crowther.

Thanks to all those who have supported us throughout the year. 2023 will be bigger!