Melbourne Information and Q&A Session, 9 May 2024

Brochures, flyers and more...

  • Australian Classical Education Society Flyer [PNG, 726KB]
  • Australian Classical Education Society Family Brochure [PDF, 4.18MB]

Recommended Reading

  • Crowther, Kenneth. (n.d.). Whose Culture? Which Liberal Arts?  [PDF, 230KB]
  • Daintree, David (Ed.). (2021). Passing on the Faith: Proceedings of the 2021 Colloquium. [External Link]
  • Donnelly, Kevin. (2022). Schools Must Return to a Classical Education. [External Link]
  • Elsing, D.H. (2020). Classical Christian Curriculum in Australia: What, Why & How? [PDF, 1.11MB]
  • Koutroulis, Helen. (2022). PAIDEIA Education. [Link]
  • McNeice, Bruce. (n.d.) Charlotte Mason: Her Concept of a Liberal Education For All. [PDF, 153KB]
  • Sayers, Dorothy. (1948). The Lost Tools of Learning. [PDF, 82.2KB]

Reading Lists

  • Perrin, Christopher. (n.d.). The Classical Educator’s Reading List (Top 55 Books). [PDF 1.76MB]