Andrew Kern, President of the CiRCE Institute in America, will be touring Australia for the very first time at the end of May and early June. Andrew will be giving public talks, offering professional development opportunities to teachers and sharing his passion and work in classical education. ACES is very proud to be part of this unprecedented event. Andrew will visit Toowoomba, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. If any person wants further information or wishes to help in any way please email Mr John Smyth. His email is

The time has come Australia…… YOU ARE ALL INVITED! Classical education is growing in Australia.

Andrew Kern

Jonathan Hili


I am a high school teacher in Melbourne, Australia. My interest in classical education has stemmed from both an education in and love of the liberal arts, as well as a desire to inculcate in my students more rigorous philosophical thinking skills, an appreciation for the past, and growth in virtue. I've a passion for history, philosophy and theology, in particular: Han dynasty Chinese and 18th century French history, Aristotelian and existentialist philosophy, and biblical theology. I also enjoy cooking, spending time in nature, and exercising in a vain attempt to lose those last few kilos. Upon my demise, I'm to be succeeded by my cat, Claudius.