Andrew Kern, President of the CiRCE Institute in America, will be touring Australia for the very first time at the end of May and early June. Andrew will be giving public talks, offering professional development opportunities to teachers and sharing his passion and work in classical education. ACES is very proud to be part of this unprecedented event. Andrew will visit Toowoomba, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. If any person wants further information or wishes to help in any way please email Mr John Smyth. His email is

The time has come Australia…… YOU ARE ALL INVITED! Classical education is growing in Australia.

Andrew Kern

Kon Bouzikos


I am an experienced Primary and Secondary School Teacher and have worked in Orthodox, Catholic, Government and Independent Schools. My subject areas are the Humanities, Religious Education and Modern Greek. I value the Seven Liberal Arts and the importance of a Christian Classical education. I am a person who enjoys dialogue and critical thinking in order to elicit the truth during conversations. Greek philosophers such as Plato, Socrates and Aristotle continue to shape my views of education. I am currently the President and cofounder of ACES ‘Australian Classical Education Society ‘. The roots of education are based on the seven Liberal Arts (the Trivium and Quadrivium) and it is now time that this type of education which is not elitist is offered to students in Australia. A broad based education that is concerned with human formation, reading the great books and allowing students to see connections between the different subjects is so vital and necessary today. The renewal for classical education which began in America 40 years ago is urgently needed in Australia. The educational landscape is about to change in Australia!