This month the Queensland Classical Education network came together for a wonderful dinner at the Greek Club in West End, Brisbane. People from a range of education backgrounds, working teachers, homeschoolers, as well as those working on the establishment of new classical schools came together for an evening of sharing and making connections. Many animated discussions arose around the challenges and aspirations of our respective projects. Importantly the evening functions to build relationships between like-minded people and to share resources. This network building, breaking of bread and meeting of minds and hearts is essential to the development of the Classical Education renewal in Australia. Many of us felt encouraged and inspired with fresh insight and direction from this event.

Logos Australis is continuing to build a bookstore of affordable titles for the development of Classical Education pedagogy and curriculum. This month we have added a new title in the Classical Academic Press series ‘Giants in the History of Education’, ‘Augustine: Rejoicing in the Truth’ and have restocked several other titles including ‘New Natural Philosophy’ by Jain, Andreasan & Hall.

We also bring new to market CiRCE literature titles for families and classroom.

Tales of Wonder, volumes 1 & 2 bring us original versions of classic Fairy tales with discussion question and commentary that help to unpack and guide towards the deeper wisdom hidden inside the story. My 7yo has loved reading these with me and is was keen to ask the discussion questions as we read. Post-reading questions include reference to bible verses that can open discussion for the whole family (teenagers included).

30 Poems to Memorize (Before it’s Too Late) edited by David Kern brings together a beautiful collection of foundational poetry with accompanying essays from the likes of Anthony Esolen, Heidi White, David Kern and Maurice Manning.

These are the first titles under a curriculum rather than pedagogy category. I look forward to making more curriculum resources available in the future. If there is interest in specific titles from CiRCE, CAP or Memoria Press please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or subscribe to my mailing list. I will endeavour to send out a survey of curriculum priorities in order to ascertain most popular titles for bulk purchase. A big thank you to everyone who has supported Logos Australis and my work in promoting Classical education in Australia.