Miriam Makowiecki

(General Committee Member)

I have been interested in education for as long as I can remember. From a very young age I was encouraged to think about the purpose of education and I would wonder about ways to make learning more meaningful. Towards the end of high school, with my brother attending Campion College, this understanding developed and shed new light on my high school education! After school I had the privilege of studying at Campion College, where I received an eye-opening education in a vibrant and likeminded community.

Following my graduation from Campion in 2013, I was offered a job teaching Latin at a girls’ school in Sydney. I was fortunate, also, to return to Campion to tutor first and second year Latin until the birth of my first child. After this I created and taught courses in grammar and rhetoric at the Augustine Academy, then in Sydney, and was the organiser for the Junior Liberal Arts Days hosted by the Academy.

In 2020, after moving to QLD, I started my own online Latin tuition business, offering classes to homeschoolers around the country, and I obtained my Masters of Teaching. Most recently I have been part of the University of Dallas Latin Through Stories pilot program and am now teaching and promoting the course in Australia. Now that I am homeschooling my own children, I have the opportunity to lay out a great feast to nourish them, drawing from everything that has been given to me! It’s wonderful to be learning so much together. I’m excited to be on the ACES team to continue to learn about classical education and help to promote this way of education, and indeed, way of life, in Australia.